Quinoa Pasta > Whole Grain Pasta

After experimenting with Quinoa, I decided to try the Quinoa Pasta, they sell it in bulk in most Organic/Health food stores or you can buy the Ancient Grains Quinoa Pasta they sell that at most stores, i recently purchased mine at Safeway.

I really like Quinoa pasta over Whole Grain, i think it tastes a lot better.

It’s really handy to have on hand, because you can always add pesto, butter and garlic, marinara sauce, homemade tomato garlic sauce, or even just plain butter.

  1. boil water, i usually add 1-2 tbsp of butter, and a pinch of himalayan/sea salt.
  2. add the Quinoa pasta
  3. let boil for 8-10 minutes or what instructions say, i usually like to boil mine just a lil longer
  4. drain and ready to serve
  5. you can also have a slice of bread i usually spread butter and add chopped garlic and sprinkle some parmesan than toast it. yumm


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