Easy 30 min spiced whole Chicken

Your probably wondering how in the world do you get a whole chicken cooked deliciously done in 3o minutes. Cooking a whole chicken is one of my favorite things to do, you can do so much with the leftovers. soups, tacos, stir fry, endless possibilities. well heres how:

  1. Buy a whole roasted chicken, the big ones at Costco are a steal for 4.99. but most supermarkets offer them
  2. Cut up some vegetables whatever i usually have on hand, zucchini, onions, red peppers, potatoes,etc.
  3. use those vegetables as the base for the chicken, put them at the bottom of the pan and put the whole chicken on top
  4. rub the chicken with butter, chopped garlic, some turmeric, paprika,cumin,cinnamon (you can add any combo of any spices, or even keep it simple at butter and garlic and some lemon)
  5. put a few cloves and lemon in the cavity and some butter
  6. put in over at 350-400 f for 25-30 minutes and there you go!

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