Long Time No See!


sorry i havent been able to update my blog due to so many things going on in my life.

I’m currently having a flare again, begining early summer. im assuming it was several factors from stress and finals and also i was busy and didnt have time to prepare meals and also ate out, i didnt have time to follow my strict diet, and also take all of my supplements. so anyways im battling again


I’m seeing a renown Naturopath who has me on:

L-glutamine, Rm-10, Chromium Picolinate, Curcumin, Tegreen97, Zyflamend, Kyogreen, Vitamins C,E,D3, Desiccated liver (iron),

and than My GI:

Asacol 12 400mg and tapering off of Prednisone 10mg currently.

he wanted me to start imuran/6mp which i was on for nearly 8 years. it caused probs to liver and has alot of side effects i dont want.

i researched alot into crohn’s along with all the books read, but i discovered LDN (low dose naltrexone) so im going to bring that up when i see him on thursday or else i will be seeing other doctors that are familiar with LDN.


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