Apple Cider Vinegar


But it has to be the one with the mother! you can buy the famous Braggs! or i believe trader joes now sells their own with the “mother” RAW

ACV has countless benefits, it is one of the most widely used and an effective and cost effective remedy for many ailments.

I usually have 2 tablespoons in water every morning and before dinner to help digest better and release all the enzymes, it also helps the liver.

ACV is great for internal issues (weight loss, loss of energy, candida and yeast issues, bacterial infections, immune booster, clear up blemishes, high in potassium, very alkalizing)

and external (toner for skin, use diluted on infections and acne, athletes foot, and nail fungus, also great for hair if put on before shower, gives hair a great shine, also will help in dandruff problems)

I highly recommend it, and have personally seen great results using it, i go through bottles fast! this is a must have household item, and a great investment!

it has also helped with my symptoms and acid problems.


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