A Healthy Way is page dedicated to enriching the life and health of individuals, especially those suffering from Irritable Bowel Disease (Crohn’s and Colitis). While living in San Francisco, a highly progressive and green city, I was opened to a variety of “Alternative” views regarding one’s health. Simple things such as sustainable farming, buying local organic and fresh, and not having fast food.

I read various books that I mention, and conduct research on the benefits and links of diet and this disease we suffer from. It’s really quite fascinating and alarming reading about the dangers of the SAD (Standard American Diet), and also of the dangers of many medications we are prescribed to take “for the rest of your life”. I wanted to control, and find a way to heal myself naturally and through diet and lifestyle changes. I didn’t want to be taking poisonous toxins for the rest of my life.

Im going on a journey to control and find out as much as I can about my condition (Crohn’s Disease). I want to post all my updates, information, recipes, and anything is useful so that more people can have access to it.

-Amien Hazrat



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