My Regimen

I had a flare up in December of 2011, and was put on Prednisone and Mercaptopurine(since being diagnosed 10 years ago). I stopped taking the 6-MP and was tapered off of Prednisone by the end of February.

In January of 2012, I went to Rainbow Grocery (a Co-Op), a wonderful and inspiring store with a plethora of organic and natural regimens; a variety of different grains, pastas,seeds,teas; plenty of natural and organic lotions and shampoos; and a big section of herbs and supplements. There I met my Nutritionist, and explored the variety of options and foods available at this grocery store.

I started seeing her, and she shared plenty of information with me regarding digestive health. Starting with a clean diet, keeping a food journal which is extremely helpful, and gradually eliminating dairy, junk and processed food, and slowly becoming Gluten Free. She encouraged me to buy organic, and use natural and simple items.

Candida overgrowth is an epidemic, with anyone on SAD (Standard American Diet) being vulnerable too. I’m not going into too much detail of Candida, but you should look into and start out with slowly eliminating foods that feed the Candida.

Supplements that I’m currently on are:

  • Probiotics ( Use one that has alot of strains and a high potency, start slowly and gradually build)
  • Fish Oil (use a trusted brand, I use Standard Process Tuna Oil, with a high potency and also of unfarmed fish) You can also use Flaxseed Oil
  • Vitamin D (4000 IU, and also its not chemically engineered, from a food source)
  • Okra Pepsin by Standard Process ( a good quality digestive enzyme would do also)

I try to make all my food at home, and plan out the week with recipes, I find on different blogs, or word of mouth.

I also do Acupuncture, which has been very beneficial, i try to go once every week or two.

Try to exercise regularly if not intense cardio, practice stretching and Yoga.

Most importantly make it one of your goals of living a Stress-Free Life.




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